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"I highly recommend Courthouse Property Management. I have three rental properties in the Auburn area and rely on Courthouse to manage them all. Courthouse is responsive to both tenants and owners, and is very professional and courteous in dealing with both parties. They have high tenant standards for rental agreements, and also expect owners to be fair to tenants. They quickly respond to repair inquiries and issues, and are very pro-active in renting properties to minimize property downtime. They provide accurate and timely accounting and financial management, and have law services within the office, should there be a need for it. I have used other property managers in the area previous, but Courthouse services were far more professional and responsive. From Ed to Carol to Paula - all the staff is professional and seasoned, and wonderful to work with!"

     Sandra Livinghouse


"Courthouse found us tenants in record time!"

     Susan Pinsker,David Smith

"I own a 2-unit residential rental property in Auburn. I managed it myself until I reached the point that I was losing money every month and was at my wits end with constant tenant problems. I considered selling it, but as a last resort to try to hang on to my investment, I hired Courthouse Property Management. It took them a few months to iron out all the problems I had brewing, but things are working fine now. They have turned over the tenants in both units and as far as I know things are running very smoothly now. I say 'as far as I know' because if there have been any problems in the past few months they have dealt with them without bothering me. I just receive a check every month without all the headaches I was having. This is exactly what I hired them to do. I know there is no guarantee that things will always run smoothly in the investment property business, but Courthouse Property Management has gotten me as close to this as I have been since I purchased this property."

     Jerry Henry

"I am confident in recommending Courthouse Property Management. Our experience with them has been great. They had our property rented very quickly and the tenants are great. We don't have to worry about collecting rent because they take care of it! They were also helpful in guiding us as newbie landlords. They are knowledgeable about standard practices and helped us identify services to get our house ready to rent. When the tenants have a need, Courthouse lets us know and addresses it according to our directions. They are fair to us and to our tenants and that is very important to me." 

     Janet Riswold

"Because the market is flooded with rentals, it took a lot of effort on Paula's part to screen prospective tenants for my duplex. Both units are occupied now and I'm very comfortable with the people she has selected. It's not all carefree. Yes, a garbage disposal cracked and needed to be replaced and a handle in the shower needed the plumber's attention, but those matters come with the territory. Communications between her and I are swift and efficient. Both matters were resolved on the same days they were reported. I appreciate her attentiveness and I'm sure my tenants do also. I receive my rent checks consistently in a timely manner and it's comforting to know that everything is running smoothly."

     Gary Young

"You have done an excellent job of managing my property. I would love to recommend your company."

     Maxine Moore

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